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How Drones are the Future of Delivery Services

Nov 09, 2019


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The ReportLinker recently held a study which states that almost 47 percent of the US citizens would be interested in delivery drones. This fact establishes the masses are largely already welcoming towards the use of drones for delivery services. Be it for clothing or electronics, if the consumers are already convinced about the efficiency of drone delivery, we can expect more companies to incorporate the drones in their business.

The Present Use of Delivery Drones

The concept of using unmanned aerial drones is not a new one. Recently, Amazon introduced the Prime Air delivery drone which had been anticipated for quite some time now. The drone is fully capable of taking off and landing on the address to deliver a package. On the other hand, Google is also working on the Project Wing which is supposedly a drone delivery service. They have already completed 30,000 deliveries along with up to 70,000 test flights for FAA authorization and ensure that the unmanned aerial drones are safe for delivery purposes.

In the past, Swiss Post decided to adopt drones for delivery in 2015. The service has been running since and not just to deliver mail. It is also making it more accessible to get healthcare in an emergency situation. The target for Swiss Post is not limited to merely delivery letters to people and it has been helpful to many people.

It was DHL Deutsche Post that introduced the delivery drones in the marked by launching its own. DHL Parcelcopter is used to deliver items in far-off places or poorly constructed areas. This has been a useful practice in the improvement of lifestyle of people living in those areas as well as influential in developing infrastructural changes to some extent.

Are Drones the Future of Delivery Services Then?

Drones have unmatchable delivery speed. Matthew Wallace from Faction believes that consumers really want to have immediate delivery. Delivery drones promise high-speed and convenient drop-off for ordered products. From pizza to cosmetic products, anything ordered online can be delivered quicker than a man-driven vehicle. However, there might be a few obstacles which might limit the use of delivery drones to some extent.

The unmanned aerial drones for the delivery of packages including healthcare, water, food, books or clothing can only take up to a certain amount of weight. They cannot be used for objects that cross the weight line. On the other hand, as far as legal aspects are concerned, for any drone delivery service to start conducting operations, approval from the relevant authorities will be required.

Furthermore, before setting up the delivery drones, test rounds along with particular samples are needed in order to ensure that the facility is useful and safe enough. This means that delivery drones cannot go into practice right away. While Amazon and Google might start their delivery drones services soon, they will not entirely take over. In the far-future we can definitely expect unmanned aerial drones to become the main source of delivery services for certain businesses which have products that are lightweight and easier to carry by the delivery drones.

Author Name:(Sophie Grace)

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