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Best Drones Under $200

Nov 12, 2019


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Budget is one of the most important perspective before buying a drone. You must consider your budget first and then start looking it that bracket. Drones need various attachments and keeping them in mind will be better before choosing a drone.

Our pilots choose carefully these drones according to our tests and reviews. If you use our links to buy, we may get a commission.

Top 5 Drones Under $200

If you’re looking to get a drone with the latest high-tech features without paying top dollar, you can find one in the $100 to $200 price range. Drones that cost over $100 have better cameras, typically at 1080p HD resolution, so your videos come out crystal-clear with fine detail. They also have more features, which make them more fun, and better for getting high-quality shots. For the best drones under $200, look no further than this list.

1. Potensic T25 GPS Drone

Top Pick

The Potensic T25 is durable enough to survive crashes without repairs, yet it’s fairly difficult to crash. When you let go of all the controls, the drone simply hovers, which is a feature that drones in a higher price range don’t have. The controls on the remote are well-placed for comfortable, natural and intuitive flying. It also has a “headless” mode that aligns the drone with your remote for better control. The LED lights make flying at night fun, and help add exposure to your shots in day or night. The camera is high quality, with a 1080p resolution and 120-degree field of view. It has a first-person-view (FPV) feature, which streams the camera feed onto your phone.The main drawbacks of this drone are that it’s hard to tell the back from the front, which can make it trickier to fly without the headless mode. Unfortunately, the battery life is quite poor, giving you as little as 8 minutes if it’s up against wind.

Pros Cons
Hovers when you let go of controls Short battery life
Headless mode for easier flight Hard to tell the back from front
LED lights.
FPV feature.

Camera Details

The camera is high quality, with a 1080p resolution

And 120-degree field of view.

Flight Time & Speed

8 minutes if it’s up against wind so 10-11 minutes with no wind.


Maximum control distance of 300 meters.



2. Holy Stone HS165 GPS Drone

Best Value

The camera features a crystal-clear 1080p HD resolution. With its FPV capabilities, the drone’s camera feed streams to your smartphone in real-time on a 5G WiFi connection. You get 15 to 17 minutes of flight time before the battery needs to be changed or recharged, which is very decent for the price. If you’re not too experienced flying drones but you want to get a great shot of a specific landmark or landscape, you can use the app to choose a desired point for the drone to track and go to using its GPS feature. This way, you don’t have to control its flight with the controls and waste precious battery time. You can also use the “follow me” mode to have the drone follow your phone’s GPS signal. This is a great way to record yourself on camera as you walk, run or bike around.

Pros Cons
Foldable for better portability Instructions and features are a little overwhelming when your brand new to the product
FPV feature
GPS capabilities let you tell the drone where to go without controlling its flight directly

Camera Details

Upgraded 1080P HD Camera

The advanced camera with 90° FOV (field of view) lens captures high-quality video and clearer photos.

Flight Time & Speed

You get 15 to 17 minutes of flight time

There are 2 speed modes (low/high) which make this suitable for beginners and experts.

You could switch the different speed to suit your operation proficiency.


150 meters as long as there are no wind at all



3. EACHINE E511 WiFi FPV Live Video Quadcopter


The EACHINE E511 is at the low end of the $100-$200 price range, in terms of price, but not in terms of quality. It’s highly rated for being durable and powerful, and for its high camera quality. It flies with stability, and the camera is adjustable for shooting video head-on or from a bird’s eye view. It’s a great choice if you need a drone that will get you quality shots or footage. You get a wide camera angle of 120 degrees, and with up to 17 minutes of flight time, you can get plenty out of it before charging or switching batteries. Also, with the smartphone app you can set the drone’s flight trajectory so that it flies on auto-pilot accordingly. The only downside of the EACHINE E511 is that the drone can only venture up to 200 meters away from the remote control.

Pros Cons
User-friendly and good for beginners Remote control distance is limited to 200 meters
Good camera quality No GPS
17 minutes of flight time
Faster than most drones under $200

Camera Details

Possessing 1080P 120° FOV HD Camera

You get a wide camera angle of 120 degrees

Flight Time & Speed

Up to 17 minutes of flight

It have 3-level flight speed to switch that can make more fun with the flying.


Only 200 meters away from the remote control.



4. Eachine E58 Quadcopter Drone

he Hubsan H501S It’s a GPS drone that delivers 20 minutes of flight time and has stability features that keeps its camera steady. It gives you a range of 500 meters, plus up to 20 minutes of flight time. The camera resolution is 1080p, so given the wide range and long flight time, you can capture some captivating stuff. There’s a “return to home” feature, but in spite of having GPS, there’s no “follow me” feature. When the connection is lost from the transmitter. The flight control system will control the quadcopter to return to the home point and land automatically. The fail-safe mode helps to avoid further injuries or damages.

Pros Cons
19-20 minutes of flight time No “follow me” feature despite having GPS
500-meter range The remote control is complicated and overwhelming at first
GPS with return to home feature
Brushless motors makes it powerful yet quiet

Camera Details

The camera resolution is 1080p

Flight Time & Speed

20 minutes of flight time

The quadcopter made in above 20 m/s or 45 mph (ca. 72 km/h) before flipping in midair and tumbling down.


Range of 500 meters.

The flight control system will control the quadcopter to return to the home point and land automatically.


Folding - The Eachine E58 is a compact, foldable “pocket drone”.

5. Contixo F17+ RC Quadcopter Photography Drone

If you’re a photographer and you want the best value on a drone with great camera quality, look no further than the Contixo. It has a 16 MP 4K Ultra HD camera, and with a brushless motor, it’s quiet and highly efficient. With a 170-degree ultra wide angle lens, While it comes with a Contixo camera that hangs from the drone body, it’s also compatible with GoPro Hero Action cameras, so you can switch the camera out if you want. The Contixo is an excellent balance of price and performance for people who care about getting really great camera shots and footage. However, it’s not really geared toward first-time flyers, who may find it difficult to fly. Plus, there’s no GPS feature to help with navigation.

Pros Cons
18 minutes of flight time No GPS
Extra battery included No altitude hold feature
Comes with an aluminum hard case to protect the drone while traveling Not great as a starter drone
Ultra HD 4K camera quality.

Camera Details

HD Camera

Flight Time & Speed

You only get about 6 to 8 minutes of flight time

And the battery of the Syma X5 Quadcopter Drone takes about 100 minutes to get to a full charge.

The maximum speed of the drone has been clocked at 14.3 m/s.
This can translate to 32 mph which is basically the average drone speed.


50 m Control Range



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