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The Best Auto Follow Drones 2019

Technology has created new opportunities for exploring the world in new ways. Auto follow drones have captured the interest of youth and professionals due to the variations in digital photography. Those who heard about the drones that follow are looking for professional advice about the best auto follow drones. Because images and videos captured from drones are widely consumed on the internet and this has paved new economic roads for creative professionals. This article will tell you about affordable auto follow drones and auto follow drones for sale in the market. So here are the details you are looking for.

(1) DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Best drone that Follows You.

Phantom 3 Flying above the water DJI Phantom 3 is the best auto-follow drone. It is a lightweight drone only weighs 1216 grams and its lightness enables it to ascent quickly. DJI Phantom 3 can ascent with a speed of 5 meters per second. 16 meter per second flying speed makes it a super speed drone. The powerful battery can last at least half an hour which is good timing as compared to other drones. There is a built-in GPS system with return home feature which makes it ideal for taking longer flights. And due to which it can be found through a mobile app.

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(2) DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

Phantom 4 Taking a photo It is an advanced auto-follow drone for sale. DJI Phantom 4 is a new release and it has a more powerful battery which provides a 28 minute flight time. The best thing about this drone is its obstacle avoidance feature which is quite helpful in certain environments. Built-in GPS, 20 meters per second airspeed, and extra sharp lenses make this drone a desirable gadget for professional photographers and videographers. You will find its intelligent camera justifying the price.

Best Price Found $1,199.00
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(3) 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter

Black 3dr Solo drone with camera on it This Solo drone is designed for commercial use and there is no doubt that it an affordable auto-follow drone. It has no camera but a GoPro is used for photography and videography. Newbies can perfect their skills on this drone because it has artificial intelligence in its system which performs well in all circumstances. This solo drone is a lifter and it can carry a load of 420 grams. If you want to use drones for delivering things then you should buy 3DR SOLO Drone Quadcopter.

Best Price Found $323.99
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(4) DJI Mavic Pro

Mavic Pro with his remote controller sun capture DJI Mavic Pro is a foldable drone that auto-follow. Smart and easy carriage of DJI Mavic Pro makes the execution of task simpler. Features like obstacle avoidance, follow me mode, and drone by gesture makes this drone a highly productive and accurate drone. It is an excellent choice for shooting sports. One can use it for competitive shooting. If you want to own a drone with all the latest functions and durability then look no further and order DJI Mavic Pro.

Best Price Found $885.00 (Amazon's Choice Product)
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(5) Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless FPV

Hubsan drone golden and white This drone is auto follow drone designed for beginners. Long flight control range will enable you to cover an area of half a kilometer for videography. Camera response is quickest and it has

5G video transmission technology. Flight time is little more than 20 minutes but it is enough to carry out projects. If you want to record a subject then you should buy this drone because it can be fixed around one moving object and it can be a person, animal, or vehicle. You can capture all variety of aerial images with this drone.

Best Price Found $168.99
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(6) Holy Stone HS100 Navigator

Holy Stone black drone with phone control Holy stone navigator is one affordable auto follow drone. It has controller like a video game controller which is useful for beginners. One person can perfect his controlling skills on Holy stone navigator. User does not have to use hands during follow me mode. It has a great camera which has intelligent functions. Flight time is little less than fifteen minutes but for beginners it is enough to get their hands familiar with the technology. The range of connectivity is 500 hundred meters which can enable you to video graph all your vicinity. This drone weighs only 700 grams and different flight modes allows the freedom to captures various kinds of images. Build quality of this drone is solid and all components are durable. One person can trust this drone to work perfectly in little windy situations.

Best Price Found $229.99
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Using Auto Follow / Follow drone IN real life the true facts -

1)GPS tracking leaves some margin for error.

2)You should probably get started in a larger open space.

3)After a few video clips and checking whether the subject is positioned centrally will give you a better idea about the accuracy and the adjustments that will have to be made.

4)A good idea to make sure you have no mistakes is to go through the manual and make sure that you stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

5)Be ready for some specific adjustments to make in the beginning of the flight that will maximize accuracy and the clarity of the shots.

6)Follow me drones present you with great way to make action footage of your adventure, whether you are driving, surfing, kiteboarding, snowboarding, cycling, running or just shooting the action at your local park.

In conclusion in mind that using the Follow Me mode is usually a bit more challenging than what’s presented in ads.

FAQ About Best Auto Follow Drones

How does a drone that follows you have the ability to track you?

The way this technology works is that the device sends its location to the drone, and as the object begins to move, the drone closely tracks the object’s coordinates. It is not truly seeing an object, it is following according to map coordinates that it is given.

How Fast can a Follow Me Drone Fly?

An average speed of an auto follow drone is around 25 MPH. That is what is clocked for the Ehang Ghostdrone; other units will vary slightly.

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