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Best Professional Drones (Updated)

When it comes to buying aerial drones, you have to keep in mind the usage of camera. Commercial drones offer you a wide range of drones from multiple brands. While a few names are quite famous and excel in their sales, your options are not limited. If you are unable to decide which professional drones are the best, here is a brief guide:

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro

DJI-Phantom 4 Pro on a rock amazing capture

Ever since the introduction of DJI’s drones, every list is incomplete without mentioning their professional grade drones. The Phantom is hailed as one of the fasted drones with 45 miles per hour of speed. Moreover, since professional aerial filming requires longer flight time, you get 28 minutes to film and photograph.

Since professional camera drones must be competitive, this one comes with built-in camera for recording videos at 4 different qualities: 4k, 2.7k, 1080p and 720p. And lastly, it is the drone sensors that can avoid collision which has charmed professional drone pilots.

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    YUNEEC Q500 4k Typhoon

YUNEEC0 with 4K camera on the store for sale

There is a large variety offered by YUNEEC for drone pilots. What makes this model competitive is the built-in 3-axis gimbal camera for stable shooting during flight. It can even capture videos at either k or 12 megapixels making it perfect for many cinematographers.

Other features which enhance the professional grade qualities of YUNEED 4K Typhoon are the Watch Me and Follow Me flight modes. These help you keep up with the footage being shot by the camera and improve the filming as you see it live.

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    Blade Chroma 4k

White Chroma Blade Drone On The Park Table

One of the reasons that professionals prefer Blade Chroma is for its flight time which is 30 minutes. You can shoot 4k videos at the high quality level of 1080p. The unique thing about Chroma is the touch-screen that is available on the controlled rather than separate equipment. If you are going to deal with the professional aerial filming on your own, this can be an interesting feature which makes your work easier.

You can even take 12 megapixels of still shots with the Chroma therefore it is safe to add it to list of professional grade drones.

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    Parrot BeBop 2.0

Red Parrot Drone Flying Over The Desert

Another interesting pick for commercial drones is the BeBop 2.0. There are multiple features which can convince you that it is one among the best professional drones. For instance, it has 14 megapixels quality for taking shots along with the 1080p videos and images. You can get inventive with the fact that you get 186-degree view with Parrot BeBop’s upgraded version.

That is not all because the BeBop is splash and dust proof which will retain its integrity even as you fly it through rough situations. And finally, the stabilization technology ensures that your footage comes out nice and steady.

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These are the latest professional drones hailed among the best at the moment. Commercial drones must include the durability and promise high-end results for professional pilots to trust them. However, with such a huge collection available off-the-shelf these days, your options are wide.

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