13 Tips To Fly Your Drone Like A Pro

DJI Mavic Pro Flying in snow conditions

The technological evolvement has led to the development of tons of-innovative gadgets. Digital cameras, laptops, cellphones, drones and so much more. Drones, another popular invention of the 21st century are becoming popular day by day. Different brands are designing multiple inimitable range of high-quality drones in different shapes, sizes, specs and prices. The usage of drones is getting more common now a days. If you’ve also bought a drone then this guide will help you out in mastering the art of flying it.

Everyone is a beginner at start and needs to learn step by step. If you got your drone but need guidance to operate and run it like a pro then you are probably reading the right article. Keep on reading the 13 tips to fly your drone like a pro and experience a new thrill.

  • Read the instructions carefully:

  • Flying a drone isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes hard work, dedication and tons of practice before you actually excel.

    Read the user’s manual you got with the drone you purchased. If not, you can always see the tutorials and read the instructions from the internet. Just make sure you go through the instructions carefully.

  • Familiarize yourself with the controls:

  • Read the manual? Learnt the basics? Well, if yes than its time to acquaint yourself with the different controls to fly the drone like an expert. Begin flying with the help of flight simulator at first. This way you’ll grasp the concept of the different modes and how they work, clearly.

  • Inspect your Drone before flying:

  • Most of the people, even the experts, usually forget to check the drone thoroughly before flying. A thorough inspection of the drone is really important to avoid accidents and calamities. Make sure you know that the batteries are working, screws are secure and the memory card is inserted etc. In short, preparing beforehand will help you fly the newly-purchased drone like an expert.

  • Use the beginner mode at first:
  • Want to avoid crashes? Well, as beginner you need to keep taking it slow and make sure you start with beginner’s mode first and then move on towards the professional techniques to fly a drone.

  • Practice till you master:

  • The famous words are;

    “What seems so hard now, will someday be your warm-up.”

    Thus, in order to excel any skill it is important to practice as much as you can no matter how difficult it seems. Practicing till you know you’ve out-rivaled the skill of flying a drone will eventually make you an expert too.

  • What to do when you crash?

  • You might have already gotten some idea of flying a drone, but there’s a lot you still need to know. Since, crashing is a part of flying. Thus, make sure you turn off the throttle in time to avoid major damage, whenever you see your drone is crashing.

  • Don’t lose sight:

  • Keep a continuous visual contact. Make sure you know where your drone is. This way you can avoid the obstacles and hurdles getting in the way easily.

  • Confirm the number of GPS signals around:
  • GPS signals can ensure a safer flight. If you have at least 10 GPS signals around, you drone is good to go. Just look for the bars in the GPS icon and you’re good to go.

  • Check the Ariel stability:
  • Hovering the drone for a minute or two can confirm the Ariel stability. Knowing whether your drone is functioning properly or not is quite important, especially if you are a beginner. So, make sure you hover a bit before flying it off somewhere far away.

  • See the weather outside:
  • Avoid flying in harsh weather conditions. Rain, fog, snowfall and lightening can actually effect your flight and result in accidents. Extreme cold and hot weather, both can impact the batteries therefore make sure you check the weather primarily.

  • The battery status:
  • The drone functions properly with fully-charged batteries. Most of the beginners usually forget this therefore make sure that you check and charge the battery before you plan or flying the drone.

  • Don’t be harsh on the controls:
  • Using the controls gently can prevent tons of drone accidents. Gentle movements allows you to have time to make adjustments in order to avoid accidents and crashing.

  • Avoid flying in reverse:
  • You’re a beginner. There’s a lot you need to learn. Therefore it better to avoid flying in reverse. Practice a bit and then take as many risks as you want.

    These are the 13 tips to fly the drone. Just keep following these tips and always keep these words in mind;

    “Practice like you’ve never won, Perform like you’ve never lost.” Trust me, nothing can stop you from acing the art of flying now.


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