How to Contact DJI Customer Support and What to Do if Your DJI Drone Gets Damaged

DJI Employ testing DJI Drone

Quest for repair centers

At times your drone may wind up with increasingly genuine harm or inside issues. On the off chance that this winds up occurring, look online for the closest believed fix focus. You can visit the official site of DJI Service Centers. Simply be cautious; DJI won't assume liability for items that are fixed or fixed at unapproved fix focuses.

DJI Repair Costs

Clearly this will fluctuate contingent upon your particular fixes yet here's a general breakdown of the costs, which is contained in that equivalent email with the accident report.

  • Gimbal Camera Component: $101

  • Camera Flexible Flat Cable: $3

  • Back Left Motor Arm: $19

  • Gimbal Vibration Damping: $2

  • Gimbal Mounting Bracket: $1

  • Camera Co-axis Cable: $5

  • Front Left Motor Arm: $22

The service costs $65 an hour – the total work took two hours, added $130 to the cost.

  • Total Repair Cost : $283

Those of you who have DJI Care, if the crash is covered, you only pay up to the warranty. (Varies by drone but for example the Mavic replacement with DJI Care is $79 for the first drone; $139 for the second.) In the email DJI sends back with the costs, they have a PayPal link, where you can decide to pay for the repair or not. Repairs are not started until you make the payment and shipping costs are not charged unless you reject the repair.

Expect To Wait

Clearly, the camera is the most expensive component with labor adding the other bulk of the costs. I was surprised not to see the body, or other parts listed since there were major dents from the fall. I figured DJI would ignore what was probably aesthetic damage but happily surprised when the Mavic was finally shipped back from repair.

Fix Time

Whatever the fix status page says, it will take around about a month.

Drone fixed by DJI is basically revamped. There won't be any indications of past harm, scratches, or gouges. Harmed parts are supplanted and fixes are exhaustive at the cost, basically 28% the expense of another automaton for this situation.

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