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DJI Mavic Air

Nov 16, 2019


DJI White Mavic Air Ready to fly
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DJI mavic air Review

DJI Mavic Air has proved itself to be one of the best among the light weight drones out there. We were taken aback by the humongous amount of features this sturdy mini drone has to offer. The highly portable and foldable drone body, improved software and ease to fly makes it optimum for carrying around for sporty adventures.

Many interesting features of this fully functional mini drone are listed below.


This drone has a total weight of 430 grams.


Its dimensions (when folded) are:

  • Length- 168 mm
  • Width- 83 mm
  • Height- 49 mm

Dimensions of the drone when unfolded are:

  • Length- 168 mm
  • Width- 184 mm
  • Height- 64 mm

Flight time:

It offers a flight time of 21 minutes approximately at 25 kph constant speed.

Distance range:

The maximum transmission distance of DJI Mavic Air is 4 km.

Speed of the drone:

Its speed ranges are:

  • Maximum speed: 68.4 kph (S mode) or 28.8 kph (P mode).
  • Ascent speed: 4 m/s (S mode) or 2 m/s (P mode).
  • Descent speed: 3 m/s (S mode) or 1.5 m/s (P mode).


The drone's operating frequency range is 2.400-2.4835 GHz and 5.725-5.850 GHz.

Body of the drone:

DJI Mavic Air offers a flexible body that is approximately the size of a smartphone when completely folded. It is a quadcopter with arms that are bendable at the chassis. On complete folding, it arranges itself such that the main gimbal camera and 7 other cameras on its body are protected by magnesium alloy brackets and heat is dissipated from air vents present at the rear. The improved 3 axis gimbals allows a greater range of control on the drone camera as well as eases its rotation for better access of the view.

DJI Mavic Air's remote controller:

It comes with foldable remote control whose joysticks can be detached for easy transport. Its small size, well regulated antennas and the efficient features makes it ideal for easy transport. We were quite impressed by the ease with which it carries the mobile phone however it does not offer telemetry display like its predecessor.

Camera features:

The drone camera of DJI Mavic Air offers multiple features that made us pretty impressed. It has

  • a 1/2.3" CMOS sensor.
  • effective pixels of 12 MP.
  • The f/2.8 lens of 35 mm which provides ultra clear picture and video experience.
  • It also has an HDR feature to which helped us to capture the true essence of the view even in dull light.
  • The 4K ultra HD video quality of the drone at 100 Mbps provided us with crisp video experience.

Sphere Panorama feature:

The drone camera is modified to combine 25 still images to generate a fully functioning 32 MP Sphere Panorama experience.

Slow motion video feature:

Due to the capability of the drone of capturing 1080p videos at 120 fps, it has the ability to record mesmerizing slow motion videos making it the best drone for videos and photography.

QuickShots Intelligent mode:

It provides the option of choosing from a range of Quick-shots such as Rocket, Dronie, Circle, Helix, Asteroid and Boomerang. All of these options provide a phenomenal experience unique to each as they let you shoot without composing.

ActiveTrack Intelligent Mode:

DJI Mavic Air can identify 16 different objects at a time, and has a special feature in which it will follow the identified persons thus helping to shoot a HD drone video without the need of keeping it up with remote controller. This is a go-to feature for sportspersons specially.

SmartCapture Intelligent Mode:

This small drone also offers the facility of smartly interacting with it. We controlled its movement and photo capturing merely by hand gestures. This proved to be a successful experience as we got the exact results we were hoping for.

Return to Home Mode:

This mini drone, like its predecessors also offers a function of identifying home location. It relieves the flyer from the effort of searching the drone far away distances.

TapFly Intelligent Mode:

The Tap fly function of this drone proved to be quite beneficial in capturing a focused and steady shot of the required detail. Simply by setting the speed of the flight and the target, a UHD video can be made.

Safety feature of DJI Mavic Air:

We never imagined this small drone to have a flight safety feature at all, it truly challenges its competitors in ways no one would have thought of. The presence of 15 groups of sensors along with unique algorithm software provides it with the capability to protect itself. These algorithms, precisely known as Visual Inertial Odometer and Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) helps in steady and protected flight to the DJI Mavic Air.

Drone Overall:8/10

All in all, it is safe to say that DJI Mavic Air is the best cheap mini drone with a price tag of merely 800 dollars. This is not a bad price keeping in mind the features it has to offer.

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