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Best Nano Drones of 2019(Updated)

Now days drones industry got above the ground from delivery drones to industrial but if you just looking for fun indoor drone to play around with you cant get yourself a nano drone .

Nano drones are great for kids because you can use them at home, being tons of fun for kids.

We collect the best of the best nano drones of 2019 for you.

    1) Best nano drone we found Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone best nano drone we found


- Has a great little USB charger, makes it very easy to charge and you don't have those long USB wires lying around everywhere.

- Super stable. It took a few clicks of the trim and it was basically hovering handsfree on its first flight

- Customer service seems to be on point. Whilst I haven't needed to contact them, I have their details and it seems easy to do so if needed.

- Prop-guards - saved me for sure.


- It gets affected by wind, so you need to wait for a still day to fly outside.

- The beeping!! I didn't read the manual, which explains how to prep it for flight and then the beeping stops. Never the less, that beeping is damn annoying.

- Remote was a bit hard to figure out all the buttons and remember them, especially mid flight. Sure they are in the manual but it would be nice if they had some little symbols on the controller.

Overall this is a great little quad for the price

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Best Price Found $35.99 (Amazon Choice)

2) Potensic Upgraded A20 Nano Drone

Great beginner drone. Easy to fly and goes where you are aiming for.


(1) Super easy controlled take-offs with the push of a button that then hovers in a very stable mode as you get ready to fly it. Great out of the box.

(2) Altitude lock works well and is a must have feature on these pocket drones if wanting to safely fly indoors

(3) When it is on slow speed it can be truly "slow" and still stay aloft. This allows for young kids to play with it better and allows for safer indoor use. I also think it increases the flight time on one charge compared to other pocket drones in the same price point (about 10 minutes, others 6, see here: Top Race Pocket Drone Quad Copter 2.4 Ghz With Headless Mode Unbreakable RC Mini Pocket Drone (TR-MQ7))

(4) Very easy to control, hardly ever ends up getting crashed


(1) Wish there was a light inside the main body that truly illuminated it for nighttime flying. The outside lights work OK for dusk but that is it.

(2) There is no "return" button that flies it back to the controller. However, there is a push button auto-land that safely lands it no matter where it is while in range. So if you need to panic, you can still push that button. Also given that we have not found the "auto return" function to work all that well on the models that do have it, I don't consider the lack of it here a big deal.

(3) The fans are partially exposed on the top unlike some other truly "caged" models, which may make them easier to damage. But there are still full 360 degree horizontal bumpers and so far this has not been an issue because we rarely crash it because it flies so well. They provide 4 replacement blades which we have not had to try to swap out yet.

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Best Price Found $29.99 (Amazon Choice)

3) Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone


For the price, this is an excellent product. My 6 year old really wanted to get a drone and saved his money for this one. It came the same day (thanks amazon!) which made a very impatient boy very happy. We've had it for just one day now and my observations sofar:

- You can fly it almost immediately out of the box, it needs charging (about half an hour), but apart from that it is unfolding the wings and you're there. It also comes with little bumpers which we put on, you just slide these on, very easy. However, with the bumpers on, you can't fold them and store in the remote control. These bumpers are kind of essential for my crash pilot though.

- It is probably even smaller than you think. My 6 year old was over the moon with a "aaawww, it's cute!", it fits easily in his palm, though with the bumpers it looks a bit bigger.

- Time it flies is indeed about 8 minutes. Not long enough for my son, but I'm probably happy not hearing the annoying zoom all day long

- These things are definitely not easy to fly. It is also advertised as 14+ years and I understand why as it is 1. really challenging to fly, though I think kids probably learn quicker than many adults and 2. we've had several incidents already that the motors started rotating while somebody was holding it, which can be a little bit painful. We've also had hair tangled in the propellers. They've learned their lesson now, but just to share that this is not designed as a kids toy and you probably want to supervise.

- I was worried about the amount of buttons and controls that it would be too difficult to learn how it works and having to read a thick manual front to back, but the manual is actually quite brief and sufficient to learn all the options.

- In day 1, this drone has seen its fair share of crashes but seems to be going strong still. Some of the propellers seem a little bit damaged or bend, but it flies fine. There is an extra set delivered with it, but I'll save those for when we really need them.


- Bumpers don't stay put perfectly, they have fallen off several times and due to their size it wasn't easy to find them sometimes.

- Manual doesn't read well, reads like a "google translate" job

- Needs very frequent charging

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Best Price Found $29.99 (Amazon Choice)

4) Newest Syma X20 Drone nano pocket Headless (Mode 2.4Ghz)


-This is a good stable flyer and is great for beginners.

-The drone has a "headless mode" option making it easier for beginners to learn to fly without the confusion frequently experienced with radio control when your aircraft is heading toward the pilot. It is also quite helpful when flying outdoors where it can be difficult to determine which direction your controls move the drone.

-Has permanently attached propeller guards (guards are a must for indoor flying where collisions with objects are likely)

-Comes with one complete set of spare propellers.

-Comes with a screwdriver to open the transmitter battery compartment.

-This is a great beginner's drone. I purchased one for my 5 year old grandson 4 months ago and he mastered it in no time!

-Has a 1 key take off and landing mode. This is great for smooth starts and finishes to your flight.


-Rather short battery life ... but not really much different from many drones. I get around 5 minutes of flying time.

-The drone battery is built-in ... you cannot swap-out batteries when the drone needs recharged. It becomes a cycle of 5 minutes of flying followed by 40 or more minutes of recharging.

-Marginal for outdoor use. On days with more than a light breeze it is easy to be overcome by the wind and lose control.

-The "Pressure-fixed-position hovering function" can cause "porpoising" when the drone is flown very low to the ground. This is most often noticed during takeoff and landing. (Use the auto take-off and landing button if this becomes a problem for you).

Tips for using:

-Best flown indoors ... This a small drone that is easily affected by air movement. Fly outdoors at no more than a gentle breeze.

-Start out using the "Headless Mode" to simplify learning the controls. Once you have mastered that mode, you can switch to the standard mode if desired. Headless mode is definitely recommended for outdoor flying.

-Use the automatic take-off and landing button ... especially when flying outdoors.

-Avoid flying outdoors in any wind stronger than a "gentle breeze". Otherwise, you may find yourself looking up at your drone caught in the top of a tree or worse!

-If you need to replace a propeller for any reason, pay close attention to the pitch (direction of slant) to make sure you correctly match the one you are replacing.

-These Nano Drones are great at collecting hair around the propeller shaft. If you experience strange control results when flying, check for hair or other foreign objects that may be caught in the propellers or around the shaft to the motor.

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