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Drones are Re Shaping Agriculture

Nov 11, 2019


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Drones have been around since the 1980s and used for commercial as well as private purposes. However, they were not widely available and even less affordable for most people until the past few years. The practical uses of camera drone are increasing with time due to their functions and features which has benefits from various businesses. One industry to have reaped its benefits from quadcopter drone is the agriculture industry. There are many reasons for and ways through which drones are now taking over agriculture:

  • Field Analysis

One of the challenges faced by the agriculture industry is that of analyzing large patches of fields. For crops to grow in a healthy manner, it is important to judge if the soil is fertile enough. A quadcopter drone can help by maneuvering 3-D maps before plantation. Furthermore, the agriculture drones can also offer data regarding irrigation and management for the nitrogen-level for crops.

Drone Agriculture Analytics
  • Plantation of Seeds

Naturally, the next step in agricultural industry is to plant the seed which is a task that requires labor and fortune. However, agriculture drones can be used for this task while significantly reducing the cost of planting seeds by a whopping 85 percent. There are many startups offering best drones for agricultural work that can shoot the seeds into pots. Furthermore, you can use these drones to provide nutrients like fertilizers to the seeds after plantation.

  • Crop Spray

Looking after the crops does not end at planting the seeds. You have to ensure that they remain protected and nutrients are being provided regularly. Spraying the crops can make a huge difference in their growth. There are agriculture drones available which have the LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensor installed in the system. Due to this integration of technology, the drones can sensor topography and geography. It does not only help avoid collisions but also enhances the crop spraying project.

  • Monitoring the Crops

If you want to keep any eye on your crops, there is nothing better than investing in quadcopter drone. In the past, satellite imagery was used to monitor the crops and their growth. However, this system was not satisfactory as the agriculture drones used these days. You can get time-series animations which are more accurate and precise in presenting how your crops are growing.

  • Irrigation Factor

The agriculture drones these days have many features which include thermal sensors, hyper spectral sensors or multispectral sensors. These sensors play a key role in identifying any patches on the field which need to be watered. Usually, missing a patch can result in loss of the profit that would come from healthy crops. In other words, you can regulate irrigation proficiently.

There is much estimation about the incorporation of camera drone in the agriculture industry. According to the PwC, up to $32 billion is supposed to be invested in the drone-solutions by the agricultural industry. Besides that, with a multitude of aspects that drones can control and enhance, it should be every business owner’s top priority to invest in the best drone for their crops already.

Author Name:(Sophie Grace)

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