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5 Ways Aerial Filming Will Improve with Drones

Nov 09, 2019


Aerial photo of a new city

The technique to great cinematography and direction lies in giving visual access to audience that is not possible otherwise. While directors can use many other techniques and tricks, camera drones will consequently remain one of the best equipment for film making. This statement might sound like an exaggeration but the fast incorporation of aerial drones for filming states otherwise. With up to 639 drone startups, one can expect that drones will take over many industries including film and photography. Here are 5 ways through which aerial drones are influencing the film-making industry:

1. Improved and Stable Gimbal

In the past, aerial shots had to be managed by the camera man in a jet. It was natural for the cameras to shake and take blurry shots. Even as the drones became common, a shot taken 500 feet above the Earth were still trembling. However, the camera drones have become more stable with an improved gimbal system. Various drones are now available infused with the Inspire 2 gimbal or 2-axis gimbal which offers stable shooting.

2. Heavy-Duty Structure

One of the main problems that filmmakers faced in the past was the fact that camera drones were neither durable nor strong enough to take aerial shots. The risk of collision was enough to keep directors away from using aerial drones. This problem has been efficiently tackled by the drone industry as there are professional drones available that can withstand harsh weather conditions and crashes. In fact, if one of the parts of the aerial drones damage due to a collision, directors can easily replace them with the substitute parts available widely in the market.

3. Integration of Better Software

Professional filming is not easy. The initial design of aerial drones relied on the pilots using the joystick design for control of drone’s direction. That was not the most developed way for filmmaking or even photography. However, the motors in professional drones these days come with smart features. The VPS (Vision Positioning System) will ensure that the aerial drone is steady even if you lose control. On the other hand, there are sensors in aerial drones which also avoid obstacles and collision risks.

4. VR Close-Ups

While the entertainment industry is using aerial drones for making movies, the live television is also improving. Many TV channels and especially sports reporters are using camera drones to take close ups of the game and bring to the audience what was not possible just a few years ago. People can sit at home and enjoy baseball, tennis and football etc. games.

5. Movement on Set

And lastly, drones are also being used to move around objects and equipment on the set. This mostly includes lighting object to take better shots during filmmaking and photography.

In a nutshell, filmmakers and entertainment industry workers investing in the aerial drones will eventually notice the improvement it can make in their work and capability for taking shots. While many people remain skeptical, others are willing to try camera drones for their photography and filming.

Author Name:(Sophie Grace)

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