10 Tips Before Buying A Drone

Saving money drone

With the advancement in technology, drones have gained some hype as interest of photography and video capturing has taken over people. Everyone including media channels, security agencies and other people want to do it for their particular purposes. Vlogging is on the rise and using of drones is getting more popular. Everybody loves views from top, right?

Have you planned to buy a drone and confused about something? Read on, this article will be a treat for you. For a beginner to buy a drone, one should keep following tips in mind:

Choosing the right drone:

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Drones come with different compatibility levels. They are not very easy to fly as the companies claim. They vary from controls to skill levels.

There are different drones in market according to demand of customers. Drones totally depend upon the internal computers installed in them. Some are precision accurate and with difficult manual controls and some are stability oriented which are for beginners and are easy to control.

One must try a drone according to his experience and use needs.

Types Of Drone:

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Drones are classified in different types which are as follows

  • TriCopters: Tricopters are drones which have three propellers and have small size. They consist of a camera and are of consumer range.

  • Quadcopters: These consist of four propellers and are of prosumer range. These consist of FPV

  • Hexacopters: A drone with six propellers is a Hexacopter. These are professional and have GPS installed.

  • Octacopters: There are eight propellers in it. These are large in size and have stabilizers in it.


Saving Money Drone

Budget is one of the most important perspective before buying a drone. You must consider your budget first and then start looking it that bracket. Drones need various attachments and keeping them in mind will be better before choosing a drone.

Drones vary in precision and accuracy and drones range from $10 to $5000.

  • Look For Drone Specifications:
  • When buying a drone, always keep in mind to check the specifications according to your purpose and needs. If you need longer fly time, go for one with bigger batteries. If your concern is taking photos and wide angle shots, choose one which high quality and wider focal length camera. There are many more specs you need to look at before you buy one. Some have latest software and some are running on older versions. Just like you check for the specification before buying your phone.

    *Some drones may have auto-follow option and some may not this option is good for those who need to auto fly the drone when they want to take pictures this option is important also you got to make sure its there or not.

    *Also return home option is also something you should make sure the drone have it is great option that you want to have in your drone for sure.

    So, one should select drones according to the requirements and needs.

  • Considerable Words when Buying A Drone:
  • The considerable words when buying a drone are:

    • BNF can be categorized as Bind to Fly. This is mostly assembled but they lack controllers. So you need to install some mobile software or to by a controller.

    • ANF stands for Almost Ready to Fly. This means these kind of drones come without Transmitters, Batteries and electronic speed controllers. One must check it’s consistency before buying so that you may provide the essential parts.

    • RTF stands for Ready to Fly. It is not like actually this term stands, sometimes you have to fix the propeller and sometimes to bind it.

    • LiPo stands for Lithium Polymer. It is categorized as the type of battery used. Before, buying a drone one should consider the time of flight a drone may have. It is the most effective thing considered while buying a drone.

    • FPV refers to First Person Video. This is meant to represent first person perspective. This is good for domestic purposes and drone racing.

  • Consider Range:
  • Range of drones is also an important thing to learn about before buying a drone. Drone travelling distance ranges from 2 to 8 kms.

    For Example, Autel Robotics X-Star Premium ranges up to 2 kms whereas DJI Mavic 2-Pro can travel up to 8 kms from the pilot.

  • Consider GPS:
  • Whenever buying a drone, one must consider GPS as a priority. GPS appears to be good in sense of tracking your drone if its lost or if there appears some visibility issues. Media groups when buying a drone should especially consider it because they have to cover a large mob of people and there are greater chances of losing it. Its always better to keep track of everything.

  • Usage Of Mobile With Right Specifications:

  • Choosing the right phone for controls and live stream must be next priority. Making is sufficient enough, most of the drones are controlled by mobile devices rather than by controllers.

    There are different kind of drones with different kind of operating systems.

    So, as you are about to buy a drone you must know the requirements of drone sets to be connected with mobile phones so that you do not have to face any inconvenience.

    Drone Registration:

    DJI The Drone Rules Guide

    Whenever you think of buying a drone, you must registering it to concerned authority. It is necessary to get your drone registered with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This authority registers all UAVs having weight 55 pounds more and less. It costs 5$ and they give the owner an identification number which is authentic.

  • 10) Where to find Best Drones:

  • There are many ways to buy a good drone which may meet your needs. Online sources are on the rise for shopping anything.

    You can also read our editors choice drones to find out best prices / deals on the market right now

    Amazon: Amazon is an online source where one can buy good drones. If you are buying it for first time you should visit Amazon and forward to digital purchasing racks.

    You can find the quality drones if all qualities, different price range and with desired specifications. All at one place!


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