How to promote your Instagram page with drones

Instagram and Drones

Whether it is on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media platforms, pictures and videos are taking lead. People enjoy vibrant and unique content on their dashboards. Moreover, everyone likes to take good shots and share it with their friends and public. One way to enhance the Instagram feed is to make use of drones which can capture aerial shots of certain events and landscapes. You can easily find a drone for beginners that will help you excel in you're photography skills.

Some time ago, aerial shots were limited to expensive helicopters and not ever brand could manage that budget.

1. Brand Marketing for Instagram with Drones

Drone Brand Busniess Card

We can all see how brands are being managed at the moment and the response they are able to derive from the audience. The key to brand marketing on Instagram specifically comes down to the talent of sharing the most authentic and interesting shots. With help of drone photography, you can manage your brand’s image.

For instance, if you own a travelling agency, you can share aerial shots of all the wonderful places you offer trips to. On the other hand, real estate Instagram accounts can offer the shots of whereabouts of properties. Moreover, resorts can provide detailed images of rooms, pools, gardens and other facilities with drone photography. Drones for Instagram can be used in multiple ways.

Some examples of brands that have used drones for marketing are Coca Cola and Red Bull. They have swooned the audience with their creativity. Similar tactics have been used by others who dominantly promote their services through Instagram. Just as Business Inside predicted the growth of drones by 20% in the year 2020, we can already see the trend building momentum through Instagram.

2. Drones for Blogs

Coffe and Drone Blogger Day Start

Another way to use drone for Instagram is that you can enhance your own blog with help of drone photography. If you have a good eye for taking pictures, you can always take a shot with help of your drone. Travelers often use drones to capture landscapes like valleys, mountains, and woods etc. that bring more traffic to their page.

On the other hand, you can also use drones to take wonderful shots of the city life from above. Those who enjoy city life can capture the moments with drone and share them on Instagram.

3. Making the Most out of Drones for Instagram

Drone Blogger Getting is gear ready

You might be wondering where to begin if you want to promote your Instagram page. When it comes to the use of drones for Instagram, it is the videos which are leading at the moment. Promotional videos offer your viewers a quick insight of everything that you want to deliver with visuals and sounds.

Social media video ads will supposedly grow in the comings months with 70% of the marketers claiming to use videos as their main strategy for advertisement. This means that you should focus on enhancing videos through drones.

If you want to promote your Instagram page with drones, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • * Keep your Instagram public so that more people can see your content and your content shows up on the explore page.

  • * Try to use Instagram drone hashtags so your photography and videos come up when people search them. You can look through the most popular content and catch up on hashtags which have the highest amount of content.

  • * Your work is not done after capturing the video. You can add sounds, effects and visual enhancement to make your drone videos for Instagram more attractive.

  • * Your content should stand out so as to catch the attention of more people. Gripping visuals will always go a long way when it comes to more subscribers, active followers and fans.

  • * Your camera and equipment should also align so you can create high quality images and videos.

And lastly, promoting Instagram with drones is more than merely posting. It is about consistency and dedication. If you are passionate about posting content with drones on Instagram you will eventually see growth in your blog. Similarly, if drones are used creatively, they will enhance your brand’s image for your consumers and turn them to leads.

4. Instagram drone photography

Pro drone on his case ready to Fly

To give you some inspiration on how a professional instagram photographer page should look like you may want to take a look at this article with the list of the 10 best Drone Photographer today in the industry Also If you do some drone photography of your own already, some of these accounts accept submissions and will credit you accordingly. It’s a good way to get more exposure for your work. The Best Drone Photographers to Follow on Instagram


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