How to promote my business with drone video

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How to promote your business with drone video

This days you can just go to or and find great drone video editors, we recommend to check each designer or video film maker reviews before buying any thing. This is a new and growing industry so probably not all of them will have a lot of reviews but you can still make sure you getting the right product for your business, you can for instance ask for some portfolios thats what I like to do when I see new designers with low amount of reviews . Those websites are design to help the customer and the sales safe so you can always get your money back if something go wrong and some designers even offer revision once or twice after work have been submitted to you.

Now to continue with after you found the right person for you and make sure is understand your requirements for the job you can start thinking together on the video final stages.

Some editors offer real photos taking with the drone for whatever photos that you need, in this case this service is a little bit more expensive around 100$ and it can even reach 400$ depend on your video and how much you whiling to pay for it. Always choose HD Quality video no matter what and try to make your video at least 40 Seconds long so you can use it for social media your website less then that its just too short also you don't want to make it too long unless it for special promotion ideas that you have . On the other side of it there is another option out there 3D custom introduction video for your logo you can get see this final result on the top of the article simple introduction video made by a 3D designer that can be good also if you just looking for something to promote your logo in a new modern way. This service will cost you around 5$ to 45$ depend on again on your video length quality and if you want to customize it or just get the normal version that the designer offer.

Here is a good recommended designer that helped us with our video, delivered on time great quality and that exactly as we asked for Jamal Zone (Video Editor From Fiverr)

Hope you will find the right designer for your next drone promotion video remember to always make sure the person is the right person for your job it is important don't just take any one.


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