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Drones For Kids With The Best Prices

Gone are the days when children wanted to play with cuddle toys and dinkies. More and more kids are starting to get involved in the fascinating products introduced by technology and drones have made a hit. Although drones are everywhere these days, letting a child take over might be worrying for any parent. You want to ensure that your child gets a safe product they can handle and comes in great quality too. Drones for kids feature different characteristics which are safer to maneuver and use. A comprehensive list of best drones for kids in 2019 will help you figure out which one to get for your child.

1. Best Drone for kids is - QCopter Drone

The quadcopter drone features 3.7V 1100mAh battery which offers extensive life of 30 minute flight. A great thing about having sufficient battery life is that your child can easily capture the moment they want to shoot without getting cut off. Another wonderful factor about this QCopter drone for kids is that it offers 300 feet control distance allowing shooting at bird’s eye without dwindling or losing stability. Children are bound to make mistakes which is why each box of the QCopter comes with replacement pieces that will help you come over damage without heading to the store and spending extra money.

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Best Price Found $79.95 (Amazon's Choice Product)

2. Force1 Drone

Another great option is the Force1 Drone which has been a bestseller this year for multiple reasons. The Force1 can capture videos in the 720P HD quality allowing you to take magnificent shots. You have the option to fly this drone at 2 different speeds along with the 360 flipping option which enhances the quality of the shots as well. You will also know when the battery is low with help of the LED light flash to alarm you. Furthermore, it gives you 18 minutes of flying per charging and it comes with battery pack and power bank for the drone as well.

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Best Price Found $89.99

3. Spacekey Drone

One of the options for a premium drone for kids is the Spacekey which has a foldable structure which makes it portable and easy to carry around while traveling. It has 120 degree wide-angle lens to take panoramic shots in 720P HD quality. For a more stable flight, it has advanced barometer that will stabilize the drone for a neat shot. With the WiFi integration, you can even control the drone with you iOS or Android device. With press of one button, it can take off and land making it easier for children to maneuver it.

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Best Price Found $59.99 (Amazon's Choice Product)

4. DBPOWER Predator U842 Drone

This model has been specifically designed for children and offers headless mode which is easier to handle and flies without faltering. With the performance of 720P HD camera, your child will be able to shoot wonderful moments easily. Moreover, it is equipped with two batteries instead of one so it can fly for up to 18 minutes and lets you take shots without cutting off. There is real-time Wi-Fi transmission that you can even share with family and friends so they can enjoy the flying along.

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Best Price Found $49.99 (Amazon's Choice Product)

5. GoolRC JJRC H56 Taichi Mini Drone

The GoolRC drone for kids has 3.7V 300mAh Li-po battery that can run for a long time. In order to offer more shooting options, it can do the 360 degree flip stunt and capture more than competitors. Moreover, you can start flying right after pressing the button and throwing it in the air. It also features infrared sensing 4CH 6-aixs gyro which stabilizes the drone while it is in flight taking shots for your child. With headless mode, there is no need for hassle while flying as beginners can control it without trouble.

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Best Price Found $24.99

6. Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3 Drone

The Cheerwing Syma drone costs about $44.98 and features the headless/IOC function. This means that the forward direction is separate from the nose and lets the pilot control drone without steep. With one button, you can switch on the 360 flip with continuous roll that will create a fascinating shot. It even has 3D lock that is premium feature not offered in many drones. Furthermore, the 6-Axis flight control system included as well as a 500mAh battery which lasts a long time. In order to make it convenient for kids, there is USB charging instead of batteries.

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Best Price Found $44.98 (Amazon's Choice Product)

7. DJI Tello Quadcopter Iron Man Edition Drone

This drone is really one of my favorites I even order it to my boy, for $149.00 you get an amazing drone style from the original world leading company 'DJI', there is no place to go wrong there with a built flight modes for the drone and with unique design and shape this is the best gift you can get to your kid even if is not 'Avengers' fan. You can complete missions while exploring Tello’s expansive range of possibilities. Thanks to a comprehensive user guide, learning how to fly is no longer just for comic books.
*720p Videos 5MP Photo.
*Takeoff and Landing from Your Hand Intel Processor
*Compatible with Bluetooth Controllers
*You will get Vr
*You getting Tello Spare Battery
*You get a nice case
This is the most worth bundle you can find the drone for $127.44 by it self but you should really consider getting more Battery units therefore this bundle is the best for your money.

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Best Price Found $149.00 (Amazon's Choice Product)

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