How to make money with drones

A man working on a construction site with his drone

Drones are becoming more common by the day. People are starting to purchase them for fun to capture aerial shots of events and trips. However, there are not many people looking at the monetary aspect of these devices just yet. With such a wide range of variety, there are many drones with professional features and you can use them to earn money. If you have steadied your hand using drones and enjoy photography, why notearn money with drones right? If you are curious about earning money with drones, here are some of the ways you can do that:

  • Private Survey Company

One way to monetize drones is to set up your private company that offer survey services to clients. Several terrestrial places can be observed with help of drones rather than being observed from ground as it can limit the complete view.

There was a time when helicopters were used for surveys but drones are replacing them quickly now and if you set up a company, you will earn profit in the long run. Moreover, drones are controlled with remotes and can be maneuvered easily.

Another thing about providing aerial surveys is the availability of various markets in the fields of digital mapping, feature recognition, archeology and several others. In other words, drones for surveys can be highly helpful whereas your company will help clients reach their goals.

  • Event Photography

Photographs remain the most memorable part of our life. For weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and several other celebrations, photography and videos are a must. There is not celebration without capturing the most joyous moments in life. If you also have a knack for taking the most memorable shots, you can use your drone to use.

You can start by practicing at private events or second photographer before you start attracting your own clients. The key to winning over the hearts of your costumers and earn money through drone photography is to show case your talent to people.

Whenever you have the chance, you can take aerial shots of the event with a high resolution camera supported by the drone. This will also be useful in building your portfolio for advertising your drone photography.

  • Sell Aerial Photos & Videos

Another way to earn money with drones is to use your drone for taking high resolution shots of attractive places. In order to sell your photos, you will need to have perspective and places where you can put your skills to the test. People will obviously buy photographs which are attractive and different than the rest. Once again, if you travel a lot, this might be your slot.

On the other hand, if you want to sell drone videos, you can start a YouTube channel. If your content is interesting and appreciated, your channel will be monetized. You can either make videos from your drone or sell videos as short films or you can review drones as well.

It is up to you to decide the form of your work and how you can best present it to your audience.

Great example for a website you can sale photos is Shutter Stock

  • Work with Realtors, Hotels Etc.

If you want to earn with drone, you can even work with real estate companies, resorts and hotels. This is because hotels, inns, real estate etc. all need to sell their place and they are always looking for ways to capture the most authentic and charming shots of the place for their consumers.

By offering aerial view, private estate can be sold easily as costumers will be fascinated by what is around and will find what they are looking for. You can ask around a few companies and even drop your portfolio so they can see your talent when hiring.

Drones for real estate are big in trend now and there is a large market for people who want to work in this particular field.

  • Drone Delivery

There has been a recent trend of drone delivery among companies like Amazon, AliExpress and more. Although, this is a thin market for the moment, it is anticipated to grow over time. Medical facilities and other organizations are also starting to rely on drones for delivering their products.

You can start up a company that provides delivery services to such organizations and enterprises and grow your drone money over time.

  • Start a Fiver Service Page

Another option is to sale your services on start using your drone there and see how easy it is to make money from your page there and from your drone.

Start using all topics we talked about into action. Fliverr is really great spot to beginning to sale your photos and drone skills .

  • Sign Up to Drone Pilots Website / App

Today you can find some great apps that offer to register to their pilots database it is like “Uber” services once you past their tests you can start working right away and people can hire you.

Here are some companies you can start with:


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