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DJI Spark

Nov 16, 2019


DJI Spark capture
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DJI Spark Review

The progression, innovation and evolvement in technology has led to the development of numerous advanced gadgets which are being used for a number of different purposes. One of the lately designed devices is the drone. There might be a number of drones out there but only as few are actually able to overcome the competition in the market. DJI Spark is one of them.

DJI Spark, which is apparently rated among the top drones. So, for all those who want to know more about its specifications, features and advantages here is a little overview of the drone. Have a look.

Dimensions of DJI Spark:

If you are looking for a portable and lightweight drone for your family, then the DJI Spark is certainly the one you should get. The exact dimensions of the drone are;

  • Dimensions – 143×143×55mm
  • Weight – 0.2 lbs (95 g)

This clarifies that the drone is not only lightweight but is also quite easy to use as well.

Speed and flight time of the drone:

The maximum speed of the drone is 50 kph (31mph) in case when the weather is calm. The speed varies with the weather condition. Other than this the flight time is almost 16 minutes when the speed is constant i.e. 12.4 mph. The DJI Spark hovers for almost 15 minutes in calm weather.

Intuitive and really easy to use:

Most of such devices are complicated and a little hard to use. But that is not the case with the DJI Spark. The one thing which makes this drone different from the other is that it is quite easy to use. The controller of the drone can be operated easily. This means you can be a professional in just a few hours of practice. The most fun feature is taking a selfie but not with the controller or the phone. You can take a selfie with your gestures. Amazing, right?

Compact and Lightweight:

If you are looking for a drone for family use then this is the one you should prefer. The compact and lightweight drone makes it easier for you to handle, use and keep in a small bag easily.

Camera and Gimbal Mechanism:

Even though, there might lack the battery time and speed as compared to the other drones but the camera is definitely an indulgence to be deemed with. Along with the camera the drone is also engineered to provide maximum stability even in harsh weather conditions. A mechanical 2-axis gimbal assures that you get clear and vivid pictures.

It consists of an f/2.6 wide-angle lens which can capture clearly. Other than this the 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor also captures wide and beautiful videos at 1080 p and pictures at 12 MP. The DJI Spark camera can shoot pictures in two modes;

Pano mode, is specially designed for landscape images. While the ShallowFocus Mode is perfect for close-up shots with a blurry background.

Specific Pattern of the drone:

The drone is engineered with some spectacular flying options. The four options which allow the drone to fly in the specific direction and pattern are:

  • Rocket : This is the pattern where the drone flies upwards in a straight and uniform manner.
  • Drone : The drone pattern is for upward and backward movement.
  • Circle : It is quite clear from the name though, the drone flies in a circular manner.
  • Helix : Last but not the least is Helix in which the drone descends in circular and spiral pattern.

The TapFly option:

The drone also consists of a TapFly options which enables you to easily control the direction in which you want the drone to fly. There are mainly two options;

You can either direct it to ascend and fly or enable it to fly to the position you just tapped.


Like many other features the ActiveTrack feature is also present in the DJI Spark. This feature is specifically engineered for instances where you have to shoot a moving object or a person. You can easily lock the drone onto a specific profile and track them from front or rear.

Flight safety:

The DJI Spark is equipped with distinctive safety features which makes it completely safe to use. It also enables you to launch and land the drone safely and also avoid hurdles and obstacles during the flight. This makes this drone completely safe for the environment. There are a number of components like camera’s VPS (Vision Positioning System) along with the GPS, GLONASS and 3D sensing system which assures flight safety and avoids obstacles.

Drone Overall:8/10

This the complete overview of the mini DJI Spark drone. So prior to making a decision, make sure you give it a read.

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